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Product code: 139108.2
Single Sided Bookcase
Construction: Flat Pack Units
Delivery Time: 5-10 Working Days
Material: Beech Plywood
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Dimensions: W1170mm x H495mm x D400mm


Use your imagination and creativity to provide endless hours of fun, enjoyment or even relaxation for all children in both Nursery and Primary establishments.   The frame of the POD is free standing and does not require attachment to bookcases to create its strength and stability.  This means it is more flexible, easy to lift and move and therefore generally more suitable in all environments, especially in multi-functional room settings.  Supplied flat pack for easy self-assembly. The arched frame and side panels are manufactured from 15mm Beech Plywood, with 25mm Solid Beech dowels joining the front to the rear, forming the frame for the canopy which is included in colour choices of black, lime green or orange.  Please take time to consider the options of purchasing the POD and canopy with curtains, scatter cushions and large play mat in matching colours.  Also there is a “Promotion Pack” to include the POD full range of fabrics and cushions and 2 free standing large mobile bookcase.  This option (Ref 139104.2) shows a significant saving on the normal total cost of the individual items.  The fabrics used are made from 100% polyester which is showerproof/water resilient.


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