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In the mid 90’s as a result of cheap if inferior Imports from China our future was under threat and it was apparent we must look to diversify to survive. The eventual decision to move into the Education Sector was either a stroke of genius, a eureka moment or sheer good luck!!!

For certain it also took a determined effort of a small loyal dedicated team at Kebrico to make it work. Incredibly our products have principally been manufactured in the same 2 Hungarian factories for the past 35 years and their role in our success deserves special mention also. This has been a true TEAM EFFORT. Together we MADE it work and we feel justifiably proud of our achievements. We are indebted also to our customers many of whom have remained staunchly loyal to us for many years. We trust we can rely on your continued support in the years ahead.

For our part we will continue to sustain the original ethos of the Company  to design and market Quality products at affordable prices supported by a serviceability reputation second to none. We have utilised our experience and knowledge to develop what we consider to be an exciting new range of products for next year made from quality Solid Beech, Beech Plywood or Beech Veneers speciality materials from specialised manufacturers.

For next year it is our intention also to liase with our Catalogue Customers to be able to offer all Schools and Nurseries an opportunity to join in with our celebrations. This will take the form of Specially  selected Items from across our diverse product range offered at prices below normal Catalogue prices. Look carefully in your preferred Catalogue Suppliers 2014 Brochures and Websites to see whether they have chosen to be involved in ‘’KEBRICO’S 35 YEARS CELEBRATION PROMOTION’’ or contact us for details of participating Catalogues.

We look forward to being of service to you.